Installing New Stairlifts throughout Evesham

Trust our dedicated, fully qualified, and proficient team to design and install a stairlift in your property. Here at Alfix, we provide new and used stairlifts for both straight and curved staircase applications at highly competitive prices for customers based throughout Evesham. Contact us now on 01386 210166 to learn more about our straight, swivel seat, and slimline stairlifts, which we have available for purchase and rent.

Free Consultations

At our established company, we provide free consultations, independent advice, survey, installation, and aftersales support services.

Stairlift Rental Options Available

Serving customers with a variety of needs, we supply stairlifts on both a rental and purchase basis. If you have a narrow staircase or a limited amount of space in your hallway, our slimline stairlifts make the ideal choice. Plus, we also have a range of heavy-duty stairlifts available which are appropriate for clients weighing up to 25 stone.

We have many state-of-the-art stairlifts available for properties where space is a premium, or where the doorway is located at the bottom of the stairs. Our stairlifts with a folding hinge track are the most advantageous option for properties with limited space as the lower section of the rail folds neatly out of the way when not in use, thus leaving the hallway unimpeded. These folding rail systems can be both powered and are fully automatic, thus requiring no further input from the user.

Our swivel seat stairlifts are a popular choice among our customers who require additional assistance as the seat can be rotated to allow you to easily access and egress on and off the stairlift at the top of the stairs. Furthermore, many of our modern stairlifts are available with an automatic power swivel seat, which automatically rotates you around to face the landing. This feature is a great advantage as it allows you to carry items up and down the stairs.

All our straight stairlifts come with remote controls which allows you to easily send the stairlift up or down the stairs. These are also wireless and can be mounted onto the wall if required. At Alfix, we always include for the electrical charging supply, and our engineers ensure that any cabling is from your preferred choice of outlet and kept as discreet as possible.

Stairlift Warranties

As part of our unparalleled service, we provide warranties with most of our stairlifts, including our second-hand options. Some of our warranties cover your stairlift for up to 5 years!

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Discuss your stairlift requirements with our expert team today. We are confident that we will provide the perfect stairlift solution for you. Plus, we also provide independent advice and no-obligation quotes.

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