High-Quality New and Used Stairlifts in Luton

If you need a curved or straight stairlift installed and live in the Luton area, Alfix can supply and install a range of new and used stairlifts that will be perfect for you. We are a family-run company that works closely with our customers to ensure their satisfaction. We can provide free, no-obligation consultations to get products that are tailored to you and your property. Give us a call today on 01582 206 025 to start your stairlift journey with us.

Dependable Stairlift Rentals

Stairlift costs can be expensive, so if you’re not looking to buy, then why not consider our stairlift rental options? Available for short, medium, and long term hire in Luton, our wide variety of options include straight and curved rail systems to suit your needs.

Even if you live in a property that has a harder to reach staircase due to narrow hallways, or perhaps a narrow staircase, we can help. We have options that include slimline stairlifts for this exact reason.

Although you might not exactly be sure which of the types of mobile stairlifts we have is going to be the best choice for you. Fear not, that’s exactly what our team of experts are here to help you with. So, please do contact us and we’ll give you all of the assistance and information that you require.

Remote Control

All straight stairlifts come with remote controls which enable the stairlift to be called or sent from the top or bottom of the stairs. These wireless and easy-to-use controls may be kept anywhere in the house for your convenience or wall-mounted if required. Matching any required cabling to your power outlet, we pride ourselves on completing discreet installations every time.

Reliable Stairlifts

Straight and Curved Rail Systems to Suit Your Needs
Wireless Remote Controls
Electric Charging Supply to Match Your Power Outlet
Automatic Swivel Seat Options for Safe Access and Egress
Heavy Duty Stairlifts with a Maximum Carry Weight of 25 Stone
Powered and Automatic Folding Rail Options for Confined Spaces

5-Year Warranty

All of our stairlifts come with warranty options lasting up to 5 years. This even includes our used, second-hand stairlifts, granting you the peace of mind to buy or rent stairlifts with no fear of costly repairs in the event of a breakdown. Get in touch with the number one stairlift company in Luton today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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