Reliable Stairlift Installation and Stairlift Maintenance in Tamworth

If you’re struggling to move freely around your home, Alfix provides affordable stairlifts throughout the Tamworth area. For those who only need temporary assistance or who might be worried about the stairlift cost, we offer our stairlifts on a rental basis as well as to buy. Even if you have limited space, we are able to provide stairlifts for narrow stairs and curved stairs, as well as heavy-duty models. For your free consultation and quote, call us on 01827 425 105.

A Wide Range of Stairlifts

We understand that everyone’s requirements are unique, which is why we work hard to find the best possible product for everyone. If you have a narrow staircase or limited hallway, we can offer a slimline stairlift which can be safely installed and operated in even the narrowest of staircases.

We also have the option for a heavy-duty stairlift, catering for clients up to 25 stone. We understand that having choice is hugely important. Everyone has their own requirements and we want to make sure that the stairlift you get works seamlessly within your lifestyle, budget, and property.

Is space a premium in your home? You do not need to worry about a lack of space with our selection of folding hinge tracks available. With these stairlifts, the lower section of the rail folds neatly out of the way when not required, leaving hallways and doorways completely unhampered.

These folding rail systems can be both powered, and fully automatic, requiring no further input from the user.

Ease of Access

For clients who may require additional assistance, we suggest one of our swivel seat stairlifts. These seats can be rotated to facilitate safe and ease of access on and off at the top of the staircase. We can offer many of our stairlifts with an automatic power swivel seat, this automatically rotates a client around to face the landing, perfect for instances when you’re carrying bags or washing on your lap!

Remote controls are a handy extra provided with our stairlifts. They enable the stairlifts to be called or sent from the top or bottom of the stairs with a simple click of a button. When not in use, these wireless remotes can be stored on dressers, on your person, or even mounted to a wall for easy reach.

Plus, our experienced team takes the best care to run all cables necessary discreetly in your property. As well as, endeavouring to affix electrical charging supplies to your preferred choice of outlet.

We offer a range of warranty options on all our Alfix equipment, including our used stairlifts. These warranties can be up to five years on certain models.

If you are seeking advice or have a requirement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team in Tamworth. We are happy to assist all our clients with further information and a no-obligation quote. We have time to care, and we are here to help you up!

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