Amazing New Stairlifts in Kettering

Offering outstanding new and used stairlifts in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and the local area, we ensure that everyone has the independence to enjoy their home. The team at Alfix utilise their in-house expertise and years of experience to offer the best services to every one of our customers.

Our locally established family business is proud to offer:

  • Free Consultations
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  • Installation and After-Sales Support

Tailored to You

With Alfix, you can choose from wide variety of stairlift rental options, including short-, medium-, and long-term straight and curved rail systems. The straight stairlifts that we provide are usually ideal for most situations. We’re specialists in offering slimline installations and these are great for narrow hallways and staircases. Our heavy-duty stairlifts are also great for those up to 25 stone and we’re proud to offer options and appliances to every customer.

For properties where space is limited or where a doorway is immediately at the bottom of the stairs, we have a range of stairlifts with folding hinge tracks. This means that the lower section of the rail folds neatly out of the way, leaving the hallway unimpeded. These folding rail systems can be both powered and fully automatic, requiring no further input from the user.

Clients that require additional assistance would often be best served by our range of swivel seat stairlifts. These models allow the seat to be rotated for safe access and egress at the top and bottom of the stairs. Many of our stairlifts are available with an automatic power swivel seat that automatically rotates a client around to face the landing. This is perfect when carrying a handbag or some washing on your lap!

Helpful Additions

All of our straight stairlifts come with remote controls, enabling the stairlift to be called or sent from the top or bottom of the stairs. These are wireless and can simple be kept on a dresser, in a drawer, or even wall mounted if required. At Alfix, we always include for the electrical charging supply and our engineers ensure that any cabling is from your preferred choice of outlet and kept as discreet as possible.

Fully Covered

We have a range of warranty options on all of our stairlifts, including all of our used, second-hand straight stairlifts. These can be up to five years on certain models.

Please call us to discuss your own particular need and how we can help to provide a stairlift solution for you. We are happy to give you independent advice and a no-obligation quotation. We have time to care and we are here to help you up!

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