3 Activities To Help Connect You With Your Grandchildren

Grandchildren can create joyous experiences and can benefit your outlook on the world whilst enriching your understanding of life. However, there might be complications with Covid-19 meaning you were unable to see your grandchildren for a long time, you might be geographically distant, or perhaps you lack confidence in being mobile and struggle to keep up with the youngsters. This might affect what can and definitely is an important bond for both grandparent and grandchild.

Children appreciate being treated to time, effort and care by their elders, and you can connect deeply with your grandchildren through enjoying activities together that don’t have to be strenuous and tiring. Read on to find out what these entail and how they can help you connect more deeply with your grandchildren – whatever the extent of your mobility aid.

1.  Host A Movie Night

Films and movies can be exciting adventures for children. It allows them to see and experience things outside of their world, sewing curiosity in their young minds. Whilst you could go to the cinema, if you require mobility aid services, a unique idea could be to create that environment in your home. Hire out a mini-projector, make some snacks, and bring down blankets for your living area. Experiencing this with your grandchildren can bond you deeply and positions you as a grandparent which curates a children’s exploratory instinct in a fun, wholesome manner.

2.  Tell Stories, Listen To Their Stories

Children often have a lot to say and, at times, they might not feel heard or understood by their parents, perhaps not feeling able to fully communicate their thoughts and feelings. As a grandparent, you should allow them to express their feelings and can do so through telling each other stories, whether made-up adventures or simply things that have happened to you. You can even tell your grandchild stories about their parents and how they were at their age, giving them a deeper insight through a perspective they might not have comprehended before.

3.  Dress Up In Costumes

Whether Halloween-related or just for fun, dressing up in costumes can bond you to your grandchildren effortlessly, revealing a different side of yourself to them. It is not only fun for them to dress up, but it is valuable for them to see you in a different and slightly sillier light! This activity can bond you with the grandchildren and works effectively in a large family group. A good idea is to create a scavenger hunt for the grandchildren, allowing them to explore freely. This can be done easily, even if you need mobility aid services.

Stair Lifts and Mobility Aid Services

When you hear ‘activities and Grandchildren’, you might think of a strenuous experience on your body and health. However, this blog should prove that struggling with mobility doesn’t need to negatively affect your bonding and having enriching experiences with your grandchildren. With a stairlift, these experiences can be undertaken easily and can reserve your stamina for activities worth expending energy on. If you require a stairlift for your home, we are here to help. From Warwick to Worcester, stair lifts and mobility aid services are provided by Alfix with care and dedication in the Midlands and its surrounding areas. Call us today at 01926 334848 for more information about our mobility aid services and outstanding stairlifts.