4 Craft Projects That Boost Cognitive Function In Seniors

As we retire and slow down in life, we naturally give up some of the more stressful aspects of our daily lives. We may absent ourselves from busy working environments or take a step back from labour intensive hobbies. Often, free time is then filled with more restful pursuits, where it is easy to lose oneself in a more sedentary lifestyle.

Because of this retreat from the business of daily life, many seniors begin to experience a decline in their cognitive health. This does occur naturally as part of the ageing process, but remaining occupied can help to pause or slow down cognitive decline. As with an athlete who trains their muscles for sporting success, your brain can be trained to maintain important cognitive faculties in later life.

This can be achieved by pursuing various crafting and brain training activities, many of which can be completed whilst sitting comfortably indoors. Read on to find out more about some of the best crafts and hobbies to pursue for a healthy brain.


Knitting is a favoured pursuit across all age groups, where working on a complex project can contribute to your overall cognitive well being. Focusing on stitches and patterns can also help to boost concentration as well as hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.


Painting is another creative activity that can be completed indoors in rainy weather or in the garden on a sunny day. Artistic pursuits encourage innovative thinking and visual-spatial skills, where you can also practise memory recall if you decide to paint a remembered scene or figure.

Jewellery Making

Like knitting, jewellery making allows you to craft a useful item that can be worn yourself or gifted to others. This hobby boosts concentration and pattern recognition skills, as well as fine motor function in the hands.


Puzzles can also be utilised to boost cognitive function, where they promote strategic, logical thinking over long periods. Word puzzles in particular are great for maintaining critical thinking skills and supporting cognitive flexibility.

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