4 Helpful Specialist Stairlift Features

When investing in a stairlift for yourself or a cherished family member, there are a number of factors to consider. With a range of practical features and optional additions to suit various budgets, there are particular models for particular staircase types, as well as different seating choices, variations for the stairlift track and even extra safety precautions fitted onto some appliances. Alfix offer a diverse catalogue of solutions for individuals with mobility issues, ranging from new stairlifts to reconstructed machines and those that are custom-made. Stairlift rental is even a popular option, with the choice to hire and install a stairlift for a set number of months or until it is no longer needed.

Continue to find out 4 specialist stairlift features which may be convenient for someone you have in mind.

Heavy-Duty Stairlifts

Heavy-duty stairlifts are specially made models which are capable of transporting heavier loads than a conventional stairlift and track. Installed in the same way as a typical straight or curved stairlift, heavy-duty stairlifts from Alfix can hold up to 25 stone in weight. Any stairlift will allow you a new kind of independence, linking the upper floors of your home to the ground space seamlessly. Adjustable armrests, comfortable seating and easy-to-learn controls are to be expected on modern stairlift appliances.

Folding Hinge Track

A folding hinge track is not only convenient for users of the stairlift, but also members of the household who may not struggle with mobility, and usually access a staircase in the traditional manner. If the design of your home includes a door or passageway at the bottom of the stairs, then you will need a folding hinge track stairlift. These designs ensure that the bottom section of the stair rail can be folded away when the lift is not being used. Removing obstruction from the stairs and preventing accidents.

Swivel Seat Options

For the sake of comfort when using a stairlift, models with a swivel seat could be the outstanding option. Swivel seats can lock and unlock to allow the user an easy dismount when the stairlift has reached the top of a staircase, preventing injury by ensuring the individual is facing a direction away from the stairs. Swivel seats can be adjusted for comfort, with the height often interchangeable within some types. Ask our friendly team if you have any enquiries about particular stairlift manufacturers.

Secure Seat Belt And Safety Sensors

Less of an additional feature and more of a necessity on any modern stairlift, safety should be the first priority of any manufacturer, and more and more stairlifts are featuring added safety features. Secure seat belts will ensure the user is fastened to the seat efficiently, while safety sensors are attached to the seat and rail, detecting when a user has dismounted and making the system come to a halt. This prevents a user from being caught up in the stairlift, giving you peace of mind that the device is functioning as it should. Move around your property with ease when you take advantage of the stairlift design and installation solutions provided by Alfix. With a comprehensive range of stairlifts available, we are perfectly placed to provide for your specific stairlift requirements, with no task too large or small. Contact us on 01926 334848 for further advice on stairlift rental, information on new stairlifts and guidance from our friendly team.