4 Things You Might Not Have Known About Stairlifts

Stairlifts have become a big part of everyday life for the elderly and those with mobility issues, but these days they tend to fade into the background. The stairlift’s contemporary design means that they are quieter and more discreet than ever before, but let us not forget about the importance of stairlifts. Here are some fun and interesting facts that you might not have known about stairlifts.

1.   They Have a Rich History

Anyone who has ever considered purchasing a stairlift for their home might have wondered where the stairlift came from. In actual fact, the first recorded instance of stairlift use was by Henry VII, when his notorious weight issues became too much for his servants. It is believed that during a jousting match, an extremely overweight Henry sustained an injury and was no longer able to make it up the stairs of Whitehall Palace. As he could not be carried, an early form of stairlift was created at the place to improve the monarch’s mobility.

2.   They Frequently Feature in Popular Culture

As a regular sight in this day and age, it’s understandable that stairlifts make their way into popular culture every once in a while. Alongside numerous films, stairlifts have also been featured in soap operas like Emmerdale, and chat shows like the Paul O’Grady Show – wherein a stairlift was installed to help guests make it down the studio’s stairs with ease. Stairlifts have even made their way into the music industry, with the Gorillaz’s 2012 music video ‘Do Ya Thing’ featuring a stairlift. Features such as these might seem a little trivial, but they all work to help normalise the use of stairlifts to the general public, and allow users of stairlifts to feel more represented.

3.   They Have a Variety of Health Benefits

Whilst it’s known that stairlifts reduce the risk of falls, thus improving the mobility of their users, they have also been proven to carry substantial mental health benefits. As users regain a sense of independence and are granted access to all areas of their home, feelings of anxiety or sadness gradually subside. Stairlifts can also act as a small aid to get their users moving around their home, offering a new level of mobility that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to achieve. This will only improve their mental wellbeing and motivate them to keep moving.

4.   They Make Them For Dogs, Too!

The many benefits of stairlifts might be well-known throughout the human community, but these are now even extending to help our four-legged friends, as pet owners have started installing dog and cat stairlifts. The world’s first dog stairlift, entitled ‘Stair of the Dog’ was unveiled in 2022 by UK insurance company More Than, costing dog owner’s around £5000. Although this stairlift was invented mainly to raise awareness of shoddy pet ownership which leads to dogs becoming overweight, it certainly makes for an interesting fact and helps to normalise stairlifts all the more.

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