4 Ways to Mentally Bounce Back From a Sports Injury

For athletes, sport is their life. When you dedicate a large amount of your life to training, practising and eating right, it can feel frustrating having to slow down to let yourself heal when you experience an injury.

While it is a shock to the system and you might find yourself grieving the loss of your mobility, athletes are strong and can bounce back with the right mindset and aftercare.

Here are 4 ways to mentally bounce back from a sports injury:

1.  Acknowledge your feelings

Recognising your negative emotions and letting go of them is the first step towards healing. When you let go of these emotions, you will feel the stress and relief leave your body.

When you hold on to that stress, a buildup of cortisol and other things gets added to the bloodstream which can increase inflammation and make recovery more difficult.

Focus those negative emotions on things you can control. For example, you might not be able to walk up the stairs right now, but instead of getting angry or frustrated, channel that energy into what you can control, e.g strengthening and training your knee.

2.  Be optimistic

While a sports injury might seem like the worst thing in the world, it is important to try to keep a positive mindset. Positive affirmations can be effective at making the recovery process easier and help to prevent any unhelpful negative emotions.

3.  Give yourself some time

While you might have come from a world of fast-paced athletic sports where everything is instant and efficient, injuries, unfortunately do not follow the same procedure. Injuries take time and it may take weeks and months to fully heal from injuries.

If you are injured, it’s important to rest when you need to rest. Don’t give into the social pressure of being productive otherwise, you risk setting your recovery back.

4.  Accept help and support

No world-class athlete gets to the elite level of their game without help – especially after an injury.

Accepting help and support can help you fully recover and learn how to be better equipped for when you go back into your sport.

Whether you need a therapist to keep your mindset positive or a stairlift to assist you while you recover, accepting support can do wonders for your recovery.

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