5 Ways to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

Elderly people often face losses to their quality of life due to reduced mobility and illnesses.

However, a positive view of life can help alleviate some of the medical issues elderly people face such as stress, cognitive decline, depression, lack of energy and appetite.

Here are 5 ways to improve the quality of life for your elderly loved ones.

1.   Encourage Physical Activity

Engaging in regular physical activity is vital for improving both our physical and mental health.

There are lots of exercises designed for elderly people and people with limited mobility; water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, walking, gardening and lifting weights are just a handful of some of the best exercises for elderly people.

Even clapping hands to music can stimulate blood flow, relieve stress and anxiety and encourage heart health. Exercise also improves the quality of sleep, builds stamina and can relieve depression.

2.   Encourage Mental Activity

Keeping your brain active is just as important as physical exercise.

The benefits of mental activity are endless; improved cognitive ability, sharpening memory and decreasing loneliness. People who engage in meaningful and productive activities with others tend to live longer, have a more positive outlook and a stronger sense of purpose.

Some examples of ways to keep your mind engaged as you get older include arts and crafts, puzzles, bingo and fun and interactive online games.

3.   Socialising

Maintaining a social life filled with the people you love is the key to living a long and happy life. Engaging in social activities helps to reduce loneliness and the risk of dementia.

It is important to  stay connected to friends, family and the community.

Arrange family visits or outings for your loved one, especially holidays or days of family celebration like weddings or birthdays. Try to regularly call your loved one and encourage them to join a club.

4.   Wellbeing Support

Mental health is crucial for maintaining a person’s quality of life. And sadly, poor mental health is prevalent in older people.

This makes it vital to provide wellbeing support networks for elderly people, both via organisations and within communities or families to ensure they have access to mental health support networks.

5.   Support with Meals

A declining appetite is common for elderly people. This can be due to changes to the digestive systems, changes to the smell, taste and vision and a decreased need for energy.

This can lead to people relying on ready meals and quick fixes that may not always be entirely nutritious.

Support with cooking can be invaluable in ensuring your loved one can still enjoy the health benefits of a balanced diet. Ways to offer support include helping with food prep, delivering meals or simply sharing quick and easy recipes.

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