A Complete Guide To Stairlifts

As you mature through retirement, one of the main things you and your loved ones will want to ensure is comfort. After all, you’ve spent the last 30 or more years working so you can have this time to yourself. So, there’s no use wasting it being uncomfortable. There are many ways in which people upgrade their homes. Extensions or redecorations for example are two great options if you want to further the aesthetic quality of your house. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is mobility.

Unfortunately, as we grow older the ability to navigate the house does reduce somewhat and that can drastically reduce our quality of life. So, one of the best ways to safeguard your happiness within your home is to install a stair lift. With a stair lift, you can remain confident that navigating your home will be achievable throughout your retirement.

How do they work?

In essence, a stair lift operates using an electric motor which pulls the lift up and down the staircase using a track. This track guides the chair toward the top of the staircase and can be curved or straight. Some users opt for an overrun after the track has reached its completion. An overrun carries the chair a little further around the top or bottom of the staircase to ensure the user has a safe and comfortable exit. Finally, there is the transmission which increases the power of the motor while safely reducing the speed of the lift to a safe and manageable pace.


One of the most important aspects of purchasing a stair lift is the installation. Of course, the lift must be set up correctly, so it is safe to use and will stand the test of time. It is imperative that you pay for a professional to install your lift as there are many moving parts and it’s easy to get steps wrong. So, how is a stair lift installed?

First of all the track is installed, this process uses a series of brackets which elevate the track above the steps of the staircase. Once the installers are satisfied that the track is safely in place they might then connect the motor and the transmission and attach the seat to the lift mechanism. Once all these steps have been signed off the lift can be connected to the power supply. The installation team will usually run a series of tests at this stage to ensure the lift is working as it should, but after this, you’re all good to go! If you’re in need of a new stairlift for your home, or perhaps you’re moving into retirement and are looking to plan ahead, then here at Alfix we can help. We have plenty of experienced staff who can help guide you through the process from lift selection to installation. So, contact us today to find out more!