A Guide To Buying Mobility Equipment In 2023

Living with a disability can be extremely difficult, especially if it affects your ability to move around unaided. An injury or long-term issue can seriously dent your independence leading to decreased self-worth and confidence. Thankfully, modern innovations have made mobility equipment increasingly accessible, allowing those with such issues to regain a sense of control. From walking sticks and metal frames to household acquisitions which make domestic life much easier, read ahead for an overview of 2023’s standout mobility equipment – courtesy of Alfix.

Appropriate To Your Needs

Mobility equipment is a fantastic choice if you or a cherished loved one are looking to regain a sense of independence, whether your acquisition allows you to move upright without constant pain, move to and from the different storeys of your house, or simplifies once-routine tasks. Assistive technology and innovative systems have emerged as we’ve moved past the 2010s and into the 2020s, with user needs taken into account more than ever. Take the humble walking stick for example – an item which was once a simple piece of wood has been adapted in both appearance and application.

Bedroom And Bathroom Disability Equipment

A bathroom space is often difficult to navigate for those with mobility issues, not least because of the slippery surfaces and height of a bathtub. Many utilities have been adapted to make this experience easier, from lifts and fitted lifts to stools and powered systems. These systems in particular mean that additional help isn’t required when you simply want to relax and unwind. Similarly, getting in and out of bed can be a struggle without a helping hand – owing to the importance of support rails and other fixed items on the bedside.

Stairlifts And Chairlifts

At Alfix, we’re the ideal experts to consult when discussing modern day stairlifts and chairlifts. Able to fit you a fully powered stairlift which has been crafted to the specifics of your staircase, we can cater to your environment whether you have a straightforward staircase over one storey, or a spiral staircase with a distinct shape. Outright purchase or arrange stairlift rental from our local suppliers today, for unmatched variety and a collection of leading brands. We offer individual consultancy appointments, free of charge, and with no obligation.

General Mobility

Not all mobility aids require you to pay for them, and in fact, many can be acquired free of charge. Assistive technology is a term for equipment or products that can make it easier for you to manage at home, and generally, you can get this equipment through your local Health and Social Care Trust, following an assessment by a suitable professional.

Browsing stairlift companies in Cheltenham? At Alfix, our team draws on many years of combined experience, to ensure that we supply and install the ideal stairlift for your specific needs. We have slimline systems for narrow stairs, and unique custom-built systems to overcome access difficulties on difficult staircases. Do you have a particularly unique or tricky stairway? We can design with this in mind. Contact us today with any enquiries.