A Guide To Stairlift Maintenance

Regular servicing is important to ensure that your stairlift is functioning effectively. Typically, stairlifts should be serviced once a year to ensure they are working properly. Regular planned maintenance helps ensure that any issues with a stairlift are identified and resolved with servicing carried out cost-effectively. When properly serviced, stairlifts can last for around 10 years depending on the make, model and usage so regular maintenance can help maximise the value of your stairlift installation.

Stairlift maintenance will typically involve ensuring that key parts of a stairlift are clean alongside addressing any issues with wear and tear that might have occurred throughout regular use. It is also important to ensure that the battery of the stairlift is still retaining its charge. Batteries can typically last for several years before needing replacement. This is an important component as it ensures that a stairlift can continue to function even in the event of a power cut.

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General Maintenance

After installation, it is important to ask the engineers how frequently maintenance is required for that make and model of the stairlift. In some instances, this will be impacted by how frequently the stairlift is used. Yearly maintenance is a cost-effective step to ensure that your stairlift continues to function efficiently long after it is installed.

Emergency Repairs

In addition to regular servicing, there may be instances where your stairlift requires emergency repairs. It is often useful to find a stairlift service provider who can provide emergency cover in the event that a stairlift breaks down. Finding a service company that offers 24-hour cover can be useful as a contingency plan in the event that a stairlift breaks down.

Stairlift Cleaning

One of the most important steps to maximise the effectiveness of your stairlift is to regularly dust the different components. This can help ensure that a build-up does not take place avoiding any more complex issues resulting from dust. Another important step that can be taken is ensuring that the area around the stairlift is regularly tidied. This is important from a safety standpoint as it is necessary to have room around the stairlift seat at the top and the bottom of the stairs to avoid the risk of tripping.

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