Adapting Your Home to Accommodate You As You Get Older

As you grow older, you may find yourself struggling with mobility issues or completing tasks in the same way you used to. Alternatively, you may be thinking ahead to the future and how you can make changes to make your home more accessible. Whatever the scenario, it’s a good idea to be prepared to adapt your home. Read on to discover the different ways you can make your home more accessible.

Getting in and out of your home

If you have stairs or steps leading up to your front door, you could install a handrail or a ramp. You could also think about adding an outdoor light to help you make your way inside when it’s dark. It’s best to position it so that when the light is triggered it won’t disturb your sleep or annoy your neighbours.

Moving around your home

Ensure there is high visibility and that your home is well lit. Motion sensor lights are a great way to achieve this – these will switch on automatically when you get out of bed or enter a room. It may also be a good idea to widen your door frames or change the direction your doors open to help you get about, especially if you’re a wheelchair user.

Making your bathroom safe

Your bathroom can be the most hazardous area of your home, as slippery surfaces increase the risk of trips and falls. Therefore, it’s wise to make it more accessible. You should consider installing a ‘hands-free’ toilet – these have automatic washing and drying functions that operate while you’re seated. Another great feature you could incorporate into your bathroom is battery-powered bath lifts. These devices support your weight as you get in and out of the bath, while baths with a side opening mean you don’t have to climb over the side. Alternatively, swapping your bath for a ‘wet room’ style shower means you can walk straight in.

Navigating the stairs

An extra banister rail or a stairlift can make getting up and down the stairs easier. Depending on the size and layout of your home, it might be possible to install a through-floor wheelchair lift – this may require permission from your landlord or neighbours if you rent your home or share access with other people.

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