Are Reconditioned Stairlifts Safe?

A common misconception is that reconditioned stairlifts are not safe, however, that is not the case. Reconditioned products are pre-owned but before they are re-sold, thorough checks, inspections and tests will have been done to ensure that there are up to standard.

In this blog, we explain a little more about the safety of reconditioned stairlifts.

Low usage

Most reconditioned stairlifts will have been previously used for no more than a few years so they have plenty of life left in them. Just because a stairlift has been used before this does not make it unsafe and those with low usage can look and function like a brand new model.

Comprehensive checks

All reconditioned stairlifts are rigorously checked to ensure that any faults are identified and repaired as well as all basic functions are still intact. Any professional stairlift supplier will be able to provide information on how the products have been inspected, so you’ll have peace of mind that what you’re buying is fit for purpose.

Service history

As mentioned, all reconditioned stairlifts will be upgraded and repairs to meet the necessary safety requirements. If you need further information, you may be able to see the full-service history of the stairlift before your purchase so you can see exactly how it has been repaired.


When you have a stairlift installed whether it’s brand new or second hand, the last thing you want is to experience problems and feel unsafe while using it. Like most standard products, reconditioned stairlifts can also come with a guarantee that certifies the safety level of the stairlift, so if anything were to go wrong you’ll be covered!

At Alfix, we offer a range of high-quality reconditioned stairlifts that are affordable and suit your property. All of our reconditioned stock has been tested for your safety so you can rest assured that our mobility solutions are safe and secure for all users. Improve your home today. Get in touch with us for more information.