Are Stairlifts Dangerous?

Though household stairlifts are becoming more technologically advanced, practical and widespread as we progress through the 21st century, you may still have concerns about the safety of such devices. Naturally, the introduction of any unfamiliar technology into the home has the potential to trigger anxieties, and when the device in question is required to aid a vulnerable person or individual with mobility issues, knowing your stairlift is completely safe and equipped with protective features will provide valuable peace of mind. Cheap stairlifts from Alfix are provided by some of the nation’s leading manufacturers, while stair lift installation from our expert team ensures a tailored fitting within your premises.

Continue reading for additional information on the safety of a stairlift, and what to expect when you purchase or decide upon stairlift rental from us.

What Is A Stairlift?

A stairlift is a device installed within a home to assist with the navigation of staircases. A stairlift will transport an individual up or down a set of stairs by acting as a powered lift, making the ascent or descent of a curved or straight staircase much less taxing for someone with mobility issues, as they can sit, use a joystick or button, and relax. Stairlifts are a useful addition to the home in many instances, with foldable chairs and subtle designs meaning that a homeowner need not compromise the aesthetic appeal of their house, or how navigable the stairs are for people who don’t need to use the stairlift.

Safety Features And Responsible Use

First and foremost, stairlifts provided by Alfix will always prioritise user safety, as we work with reliable manufacturers and always choose innovative quality designs over shoddy workmanship. Use your stairlift responsibly and as specified within the manual, and you should have no problems at all when using your new technology to navigate the various floors of the property. Safety features to be found on popular models include reinforced seat belts to avoid tumbling from your lift, automatically rotating seats so the user will face the landing upon their arrival on the desired floor, and even attached sensors to detect when objects are obstructing the lift.

Regular Maintenance Or Repairs

Maintaining and repairing your stairlift when required is part of being a responsible customer, as leaving problems unattended or not seeking repairs when you observe a potential issue could lead to dangerous instances. If you have recently benefited from stair lift installation and realised that it has faults soon after, you will likely be covered by a warranty or prior agreement, however for issues not covered by such policies, repair and maintenance from us will be timely, effective and affordable. Why not try out options with stairlift rental? Trial the benefits of a device on a temporary basis.

Alfix was established over two decades ago, and we’re positioned to provide a solution for specific stairlift requirements. Whether you need a complicated stairlift design for curved spiral staircases, or a straight stairlift which can be hired for temporary use, we maintain an expansive selection of cheap stairlifts to choose from. Folding hinge tracks for properties with limited space, and swivel seat stairlifts are just two of the additional features our customers love, so contact us today on 01926 334848 with your needs. Our experienced team can find you the perfect solution.