Assisting A Loved One After An Operation

For many, undergoing surgery of any sort is a stressful and somewhat anxiety-inducing experience. It involves countless check-ups and, if the operation is significant, it can often leave people with very limited mobility during their recovery period. Those recovering from knee, hip, leg or foot surgery will sometimes feel they have lost a sense of independence during the post-operation recovery.

In these circumstances, it can also be difficult for you to watch a loved one or friend go through this process; seeing a family member struggle can be quite upsetting. Whether it is an elderly parent, child, partner, or neighbour, it is likely you will want to help them out and ease their recovery.

Of course, knowing where to start and what to do can be tricky. Here is Alfix’s quick guide to assisting a loved one after an operation.

Positive Distraction

One of the most difficult elements of post-surgery life is the amount of time people have on their hands, but with limited mobility. In these moments it is easy to focus on how you’re feeling, or any physical pain experienced. What’s more, it can become quite repetitive and lonely being stuck inside with your thoughts.

As a friend or family member, one supportive thing you can do is to be a positive distraction. Simply being there and helping someone take their mind off their current situation can do a world of good. Why not suggest watching films or doing something fun that doesn’t require much movement? Simply talking and keeping someone company can do a lot to ease their recovery.

Mobility Aids

Another incredibly practical way of helping a loved one with restricted movement is to consider mobility aid rental or purchase. Opting for a piece of assistive equipment such as stairlift rental, handrails or a wheelchair ramp can help infinitely, giving an individual with mobility issues a sense of freedom and independence in their home again.

Finding a reliable stairlift company from whom to rent or buy mobility equipment will make your loved one’s recovery process a much easier experience.