Benefits Of Choosing Refurbished Mobility Equipment

Mobility equipment such as stairlifts, scooters and wheelchairs can be expensive, especially if you’re buying a brand new product. But despite the cost, these items are essential to make everyday living possible for seniors with various additional mobility requirements.

Fortunately there is an alternative to buying new, where refurbished and second-hand stairlifts can provide you with the same equipment at a reduced price. Read on for a look at the benefits of purchasing a used mobility product.

Reduced Costs

The primary reason why you may wish to consider a second hand mobility device is that these can be sourced at a lower cost than brand new items. These reduced prices can help you to find technology that may usually be out of your price range, resulting in a better deal overall.

Environmentally Friendly

We can all do our bit to reduce waste, where buying second hand is a great way to implement this in your daily life. Unwanted mobility equipment may end up in landfill, even if it is still in good condition. You can give these products a second lease of life by choosing to buy used instead of shopping for a new stairlift or scooter. In turn this will help to safeguard our planet’s finite resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

More Choice

If you’re expanding your shopping range to include the second hand market, then you will naturally be opening yourself up to more product options. This means that you can choose from older models that work just as well as new products, allowing you to find something that appeals to your individual needs.

High Quality Equipment

Just because your stairlift or scooter is second hand, it doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality. If you’re buying from a reputable manufacturer or resell company, then you can rest assured that your equipment will have been refurbished to a high standard. Often older products also use better materials than today’s mass produced items, meaning you could end up with a longer lasting product.

Helping Others

By choosing a second-hand option, you’re helping your community by taking the item off someone else’s hands. This is a win-win situation, where you get a new stairlift at a discounted price, whilst the seller gets to declutter their home.

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