Better Health In Later Life: Simple Activities

As we get older and find ourselves unable to do the things we used to so easily, exercise of any sort may seem a thing of the past. Of course, for elderly individuals, intense activity such as running or cycling may no longer be an option, but an inactive lifestyle can be just as damaging.

For those over the age of 70, engaging in regular physical activity is crucial to maintain mobility and health. However, this can seem incredibly daunting to those with decreased mobility due or a fear of falling. The good news is that physical activity does not have to be intense nor incredibly taxing, and there are countless benefits to performing light exercise regularly.

Here at Alfix, we’ve outlined a few forms of light exercise that can help to maintain physical health.

The Benefits Of Movement

No matter your age, physical activity is one of the most effective means of improving your health. This is especially true for older adults as light to moderate exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Of course, the type of activity suitable will depend on an individual’s age, mobility and lifestyle. If the individual in question has not exercised for a little while, it is worth consulting a GP for professional advice regarding safe activities.

Alongside the physical benefits of exercise, it can be particularly effective for those lacking confidence after a fall; simple daily activities will not only improve strength, balance and flexibility, but they will also aid physiological health and resilience.

Moving Around The Home

Firstly, something as simple as getting up and making an active effort to walk around the home regularly can be largely beneficial for elderly people who struggle to get out of the house. Walking from room to room, getting up to make a cup of tea, making the bed or vacuuming the floor are all great examples of light exercise.

By making a conscious effort to keep up light to moderate activity, elderly individuals will experience improved stamina, confidence and strength.

Sitting Exercises

Next on our list are sitting exercises. As the name suggests, these involve performing specific movements whilst sitting down in a chair to improve mobility and prevent falls. These types of exercise are gentle on the body and are perfectly suitable for those who haven’t exercised for a little while.

A few good examples of sitting exercises are upper body twists, arm raises, ankle stretches, chest stretches and hip marching. Examples of each of these and advice on performing them correctly can be found on the NHS website.


Here at Alfix, we understand that while light exercise is a brilliant way to maintain mobility and stay healthy in later life, there are certain activities that are too strenuous. For those with mobility issues in need of stairlift rental or mobility equipment, look no further than Alfix.

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