Can Stairlifts Go Around Corners?

Stairlifts are a great way of improving accessibility around your home and making you feel safer. However, if you have a curved staircase instead of a standard straight design, you may be wondering if your home can accommodate this kind of installation. Luckily there are plenty of products to choose from so if your staircase has one turn or more, a stairlift is not out of the question.

Read on to learn more about curved stairlifts.

Do you have to have straight stairs for a stairlift?

The great thing about stairlifts is that they can be installed on almost any type of staircase whether straight or curved. If you’re considering a stairlift installation, it’s always best to arrange a consultation with an expert who can assess the space within your home including the stairs, hallway and landing. If your home measures up, the engineer can recommend the best type of stairlift to meet your requirements but you do not have to have a standard staircase to be a good candidate.

How do curved stairlifts work?

Curved stairlifts operate in the same way as straight stairlifts, however, there is a difference in the design of the track as it will be designed to fit your home exactly. These types of stairlifts are also used to reach more than one floor which is ideal for multi-level homes.

Can stairlifts turn corners?

Don’t be put off if you’re thinking about purchasing a stairlift and have a curved stairlift. Curved stairlifts are designed to go around any corners or bends on stairs. There are plenty of installations that do turn corners and if you need a temporary measure, curved stairlift rental is another option to consider.

At Alfix, we’re on hand to meet your stairlift needs. Based in Leamington Spa, our team will arrange an in-depth consultation so we can understand your requirements and help you find a stairlift that fit seamlessly into your home. From straight stairlifts to curved stairlifts, our affordable options will improve your mobility for the better. Contact us today at 01926 334848 for more information.