Common Stairlift Safety Concerns

In need of a way to ascend and descend your staircase? Not sure how beneficial a stairlift would be? The perceived complexity of any technology is enough to put off many older people from seeking an installation. Though deceptively easy to use, and always fixed in place and maintained by professionals, these concerns are understandable. From the hazards of your general environment, to in-built mechanisms from our leading brands, read on and allow Alfix to guide you through some of the most prevalent anxieties related to stairlifts.

Choosing The Right Design

If going up or down your stairs has become challenging, there are a number of options to explore. To avoid frequently using stairs, many think about relocating to a single-story home, but this can be difficult if your property holds a special place in your heart, and you may live nearby to family and friends. Installing a stairlift is a sensible and significantly more cost-effective alternative, also benefiting from being a long-term option. Although installing stairlifts on straight staircases is a simple process, curved settings are where things can become complicated – though Alfix are equipped to build a useful powered lift for your staircase regardless of its shape.

General Safe Use Of New Stairlifts

Although modern stairlifts are extremely safe and dependable, improper use can result in serious injury.  If you own a stairlift, it’s crucial that you read the owner’s manual for the particular model you have in your home and are familiar with the equipment’s basic safety features. Your stairlift will provide many years of dependable mobility if used and maintained properly, while regular maintenance will lower the likelihood of a breakdown and ensure that your stairlift is safe to use. Additionally, users should be aware that items like scarves, long clothing, blankets, and towels may get stuck in their stairlift, so be careful.

Built-In Safety Features

The majority of our high-end stairlifts are equipped with seat belts, foot rests, arm rests, swivel seats, remote controls or a combination of other features. Any user will ride safely and comfortably thanks to the installation of these particular features, with safety sensors also present to prevent stairlift collisions with any obstructions or stairway fixtures. Please feel free to get in touch with our team whenever you have questions about the safety features of a specific model.

The Surrounding Space

It remains true that many people are dissuaded from getting a stairlift because they believe it will take up too much room, or obstruct their stairs. You may have family or friends over regularly, causing concern that the stairlift will obstruct them. When you work with us, your rail will always be as close to the edge of your stairs as is practical, whether the staircase is straight or curved. You should be good to go as long as your area is clear and your powered stairlift won’t be hampered by any obstacles. Once your new utility is configured, we’ll be happy to demonstrate.

Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, but serving surrounding areas , we are committed to providing bespoke stairlift solutions and disability equipment that gives you or your loved one the independence you require. Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss our assortment of stairlift rental options – we would be more than happy to lend a helping hand.