Community Ties: Why It’s Vital To Socialise In Later Life

As human beings, we all rely on our connections with others to facilitate a healthy lifestyle. From birth it is our familial and nurturing relationships that allow us to grow and develop, whilst friendships formed as the years go by help us to cultivate key social skills that we utilise in everyday life.

These bonds that we create with other people should be maintained as we grow older, where isolation and loneliness can have a huge impact on both our mental and physical wellbeing. Health problems and access issues can make it more difficult to remain social as we age, but with adequate support in place an active and well-connected later life can be hoped for and made a reality.

Read on to find out more about the numerous benefits of remaining sociable in your twilight years.

Cognitive Health

One of the major concerns for all of us as we age is our mental wellbeing, in particular our cognitive health and memory capacity. Recent studies have suggested that social engagement with friends can provide essential mental stimulation that can help to protect these important faculties as we age.

Physical Wellbeing

Loneliness and isolation has been shown to have a major impact on physical health, particularly as we age. An increased likelihood of experiencing problems like heart disease and high blood pressure have been linked to a lack of social interaction and isolation, especially in later life.

Improved Mobility

One of the best ways to safeguard your mobility in later life is to stay active, where small bouts of exercise on a regular basis can support overall health and delay the development of various muscular problems. Taking walks with friends or engaging in low intensity sports can all help with this whilst providing a social element.

Support Your Community

One of the key benefits of trying to remain socially active in your later life is that it helps to support your community as a whole. Engaging with others of a similar age provides reciprocal benefits for each other’s wellbeing, where you can also check up on potentially vulnerable or isolated individuals in your area to ensure they’re getting the support they need.

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