Coping With A Temporary Mobility Impairment

Plenty of frustrations are likely to arise from a temporary impairment to your mobility, with drastic lifestyle alterations likely. Whether you seriously injured a foot while playing sports, or have been advised to rest while your mobility is restored following an operation, this can prove to be a real culture shock, especially if your daily routine is busy and active. Thankfully there are plenty of actions to take while you recover and recuperate, which can accelerate the healing process and yield additional benefits. Alfix have a reputation for offering an effective and tailored service, with over two decades of experience in fitting stairlifts. Best of all, temporary stairlift rental solutions can be installed, with the easy hiring process catered to your budgetary needs and staircase design.

Continue reading to find out more about the ways you can cope while your mobility is temporarily limited, including rentable curved stairlifts.

Stay Connected

It is easy to become isolated from the outside world when you lose mobility, with social gatherings difficult to attend, your home becoming a substitute workplace and weekly activities and events almost impossible to participate in. One way to ensure you don’t become cut off from friends, colleagues and family members is to stay connected, organising a schedule of people visiting or video communications through software on a laptop or phone. You don’t need to cope with an injury alone, and staying connected will speed up those long days.

Make The Most Of Mobility Aids

Mobility aids exist to suit any temporary damage to the leg or foot, with walking sticks, wheelchairs and support frames all worthwhile utilities when coping with a nasty injury. Anything to make those short trips around the block during recovery seem more bearable, or to minimise the discomfort during strolls to the shop to buy essentials. Often The NHS or your private healthcare provider will let you borrow mobility aids free of charge, so this is definitely worth an enquiry.

Find Practical Methods Of Exercise

Intensive exercise during a recovery process is likely to cause more harm than good, aggravating an injury and potentially worsening it. A physiotherapist or healthcare professional will be able to provide you with exercises that can be integrated into your daily routine, slowly building you back up to fitness as your affected body part heals. Common exercise methods during recovery may include lunges, stretches and walking or jogging on the spot. The mental benefits of exercise are just as important as the physical rewards.

Explore Stairlift Hire

Depending on the severity of an injury, you may be bed bound or unable to navigate stairs, after all, the motion of moving up and down a staircase can be surprisingly taxing in the instance of an injury. When you have sustained damage to a leg or foot, or your movement has been seriously affected, temporary stairlift hire from Alfix will solve the problem. An affordable alternative to outright buying a stairlift, these handy utilities will transport the owner from one level of the house to another. Renting your stairlift means that you can have the appliance uninstalled and returned when required, and with bespoke curved stairlifts for any staircase design, we guarantee a well-fitted custom utility. Having been established over 20 years ago, we are perfectly placed to provide your stairlift requirements, with no task too large or small. Contact us on 01926 334848 for further advice on stairlift rental, and guidance from our friendly team.