Creating an Accessible Air BnB

Anyone who travels now tends to look at AirBnBs before hotels, but for those who have limited mobility, renting a home for their vacation is rarely possible. With so many beautiful homes available that don’t offer accessibility, it’s frustrating for many people to find what they need.

If you’re interested in boosting your bookings and want to ensure that your guests are happy, consider converting your guest home into something more accessible for everyone. You will instantly move to the top of the list for a large group of people.

Add a Ramp

If your rental home has stairs out front, a ramp will make it easier for people to get to the front door. Whether they have limited ability to lift their knees or are in a wheelchair, this will make access to the home much simpler. A ramp is a very easy and cost effective addition to your home.

Put in a Lift

If the majority of the bedrooms are upstairs, you can add a lift to make life simpler for anyone with mobility issues. Wheelchair users will require an actual platform lift, but everyone else will benefit from a stair lift.

Both options allow you to move upstairs easily, though a stairlift can use the existing stairs and will not need a separate space created for it. Just be sure to include information in the home manual on how to use the lift you install.

Widen Doorways

Are your doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker? If not, consider widening them. This instantly makes it possible for anyone to move around the house easily. You may also wish to get rid of carpet, as this can be difficult to walk on with limited mobility. Tiles and hardwood, as well as vinyl, are all much easier for wheelchairs and walkers.

Add Grab Bars

In the bathroom, the simple addition of grab bars in the shower, bathtub, and near the toilet, will make it safer for those who need a little extra help. If you really want to make the bathroom accessible, consider replacing the toilet with a higher one that is easier to sit on and creating a walk-in shower that is large enough for a wheelchair.

Leave Space Around Furniture

Since AirBnBs are furnished, take the time to move your furniture around to ensure there is space for anyone in a wheelchair or with a walker to get around. This ensures they can manage their way through the home without stumbling or running into things.

When you list your home as an accessible space, you’ll find that a lot more bookings come through. People are always looking for options for accessibility, but it’s rare to find anything.

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