Designing Safe & Stylish Homes: Integrating Stairlifts with Home Decor

Are you contemplating a stairlift installation in your home? That’s great! Stairlifts are ideal for reducing stress on your body, be that your back, hips or knees, offering a convenient, safe and comfortable way to get up and down the stairs for those who may otherwise struggle. This allows senior individuals in particular to maintain their independence in their own home, whilst prioritising comfort and safety. 

However, it’s understandable that your passion for interior design may be holding you back. Your home interior is very personal to you and your tastes, and you may worry that a stairlift could affect the carefully curated aesthetic balance of your home. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can choose a stairlift with consideration for your home decor. 

Read on below as we discuss the considerations you can make to ensure your stairlift integrates seamlessly with your home’s interior. 

Colour Palette 

Often the first point of call when it comes to any form of design decisions, deciding on a colour palette is an effective first step to finding a stairlift that can match your home. 

Ideally, you’ll be able to find a stairlift that matches the existing colours of your home, however if this isn’t possible then it may be a case of altering your home to match your stairlift. This could be as simple as changing the colour of the carpet on your stairs or painting your bannister and skirting boards to better align with your stairlift. 

Alternatively, if you opt for a white stairlift, then you have the option to utilise bolder, complimentary colours accented with other areas of white. 

Utilise Accents 

If you’re finding that colour alone isn’t cutting it, then utilising accent pieces is one of the best ways you can create a more seamless aesthetic. For example, you could keep a decorative cushion on your chair that matches the colour or pattern of your walls/wallpaper, which also has the added benefit of making for an even more comfortable ride. 

Decorating the surrounding areas with art pieces or photos also helps, as each of these additional design features draw attention away from the stairlift and reduce the stark contrast it otherwise initially presents. You could even decorate your bannister – fairy lights, garlands or bunting add a particularly nice touch! 

Consider a Curved Stairlift 

If finding a straight stairlift that fits in with the design of your home still isn’t working for you, then perhaps consider a curved stairlift. Rather than going up your stairs on the side of the wall, curved stairlifts go up on the side of your bannister, curving around it at the bottom so that it faces away from your stairs when not in use. 

This helps your stairs to appear more open and doesn’t alter its aesthetic quite as significantly. Furthermore, if you place a plant or decorated end table next to where the chair of the stairlift sits at the bottom of the stairs, then this helps make it appear like a functional part of your home’s design, rather than appearing completely out of place. 

So, do you feel ready to take the plunge and finally get that stairlift you’ve been considering? If you’re looking for stairlifts in Cheltenham, then look no further than Alfix. We offer both new and reconditioned stairlifts in Cheltenham and beyond. Get in touch today to make an enquiry.