Fall Prevention Tips For the Elderly

As we grow older, it’s not uncommon for us to struggle with our balance and mobility. Many older people become more prone to falls as they age, and these falls can be dangerous and cause injuries. To ensure you stay as safe as possible both in your home and out and about, we’ve put together some fall prevention tips.

Get your eyesight checked regularly

Slips, trips and falls are often linked to bad eyesight. If you can’t properly see what’s in your way, there’s a chance you’ll fall over it. Make sure your eyesight is checked regularly by a professional to ensure your vision is the best it can be. If you need glasses, make sure you wear them.

Talk to your GP

Many older people take different kinds of medication for different reasons. If you’re experiencing any side effects from the medication you’re taking that could be affecting your balance, talk to your doctor. You should always consider all the possible adverse effects of any drug you’re taking, along with reactions to any medications, foods or drinks.

Make your home a safer space

There are lots of different hazards around the home that can put you at risk, from the edge of a thick rug to sharp edges of cabinets and countertops. Take the time to make your home a safer space; remove any hazards that could cause you to fall, such as furniture that juts out too far, any objects lying around and any rugs that could be tripped over. Cover sharp edges with foam corner guards to stay safe.

Wear suitable shoes

The shoes you wear can have a huge effect on your chances of falling or slipping. Wear comfortable shoes that are the right fit and always opt for non-slip rubber soles. These will grip the ground and ensure you stay safe on your feet without slipping.

Install a stairlift

The stairs can be dangerous and it’s not uncommon for older people to struggle going up and down them. Installing a stairlift in your home can help eliminate falls, slips and trips on the stairs and allow you to move safely and independently between floors in your home.

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