Frequently Asked Questions About Stairlifts

Whether you’re purchasing a stairlift for your own home or you’re looking to install a stairlift for someone else, it can be difficult to know where to start. Choosing the right stairlift is very important, and therefore it’s crucial you get clued up on everything you need to know before you make the purchase.

At Alfix, we get asked a lot of questions about stairlifts. While our experts are more than happy to go through all of the options with you and help you find the perfect stairlift for your needs, we’ve decided to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions below for convenience.

Can stairlifts be fitted to any stairs?

Different types of stairlifts are designed to suit different types of stairs. There are both straight and curved stairlifts available, for both traditional staircases and stairs with a 90 degree angle – so don’t worry, there will be a stairlift available to suit your stairs.

Are stairlifts safe?

You can rest assured that any stairlift purchased from Alfix is safe. Stairlifts from reputable manufacturers are rigorously tested for safety standards set by independent safety bodies and must meet certain minimum requirements and limits to ensure they’re as safe as possible.

There are set standards for safety features, along with speeds of travel and weight capacities. Once installed, a stairlift will be thoroughly checked by our experts to ensure it meets your needs perfectly.

Can you rent a stairlift?

There may be some occasions when you need to rent a stairlift instead of buy one. You can easily rent a stairlift from Alfix; it’s an excellent option for those who only need the stairlift temporarily – for example, if you have temporary immobility conditions.

What happens if there’s a power cut?

We often get asked what happens if there’s a power cut – do you get left halfway up the stairs? Don’t worry, you’ll never get stuck on the stairs during a power cut. Modern stairlifts use batteries to power the stairlift, but these batteries are connected to the mains power meaning they’re always charged. If you experience a power cut, your batteries will still work and you can safely move up or down the stairs to exit the stairlift safely.

If you have any more questions or would like to discuss your options with the professionals, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Alfix. Alternatively, visit our website to browse your options today.