Healthy Habits for Seniors: The Keys to Staying Safe and Strong

As you enter retirement, there are some ways in which you are likely to become more vulnerable in comparison to when you were younger. As such, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and develop healthy habits that can keep you safe at home whilst honouring your independence.

We’ve listed our top tips on how you can do this. Read on to learn what these are.

Make Your Home Accessible

As you age, your motor skills naturally begin to decline, as does your strength and muscle mass. As a result of this, there are a number of things in the home that may become more difficult, such as sitting in and standing from chairs, bathing and walking up and down the stairs.

Thankfully, there are numerous solutions to make all these things easier and safer for you to complete. For example, electric reclining chairs are specifically designed to ergonomically support your body while making it easier to sit and stand, whilst wetrooms are an accessible way to wash yourself with less risk of injury, then stairlift installations make getting up and down the stairs less painful and more convenient.

Staying active and maintaining a healthy diet is also important for keeping your strength up and reducing your risk of physical health issues in addition to these aids.

Keep a List of Emergency Numbers

Whether you have a mobile phone, landline phone or both, it is vital that you have easy access to any emergency numbers that could be of use to you in the event that you require urgent support. This should not only include 999, but the number of your primary healthcare provider, a close family member or friend, the Age UK advice line and any regular carers.

Keep a list of these numbers next to your phone so that they are easily accessible should you need to call any of them, as well as saving them as contacts in your mobile device – there is also the option to set any close family members’ or friends’ numbers as emergency contacts so that you can find them even easier.

Stay On Top of Your Health Concerns

As well as attending any regular and/or scheduled doctors’ appointments, you should stay on top of your health and monitor any changes that you may notice, as well as listen to any worries or advice from those close to you if they suggest that you may no longer be fit to do something safely.

This includes getting annual eye check-ups, as diminishing eyesight could not only affect your ability to do trivial things such as reading but could potentially lead to falls from you not being as aware of your surroundings, or could even affect your driving and cause risk to others as well as yourself.

Stairlifts Worcester

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