Helping A Partner With Their Mobility Difficulties

Whatever the circumstances for a decline in mobility, feeling restricted within everyday life and even within your own home can be extremely demoralising, therefore you will no-doubt want to help in any way possible if this is the case with your significant other. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which you can help, be it by providing mobility aids, always being available for emotional support, or even a permanent household solution for seamless floor-to-floor access. Alfix maintain a comprehensive supply of brand new stairlift designs, with stairlift hire or outright purchase available in 2022. If you or your partner are suffering from an injury sustained playing sports, recovering from a leg operation, or feeling the effects of gradual decline in mobility, we have a solution for you.

Continue reading for beneficial advice and practical tips on helping your spouse with a new or existing mobility issue.

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can be used inside or outside of the home to make movement easier, with everything from electric wheelchairs, to walking sticks and walking frames available. Depending on the severity of your loved one’s mobility issues, you may want to purchase them a temporary or inexpensive walking aid such as a wooden walking stick or a durable plastic walking tripod. Such items may seem insignificant to you,but will go a long way towards showing that you care about the affected individual’s wellbeing.

Residential Stairlift Hire

Residential stairlifts can be installed within all manner of properties, from large homes with twisting spiral staircases and landings, to smaller properties with narrow yet straight hallways. Helpful in many ways, a stairlift can be rented for temporary use, or installed on a permanent basis for long-term benefit. Seamlessly transporting a user from Point A to Point B with minimal hassle and maximum safety, invest in a stairlift for inexpensive assistive technology and a bespoke solution regardless of staircase shape and design.

Emotional Support

As rewarding as it can be to present your loved one with a particular gift or grand gesture, emotional support can be just as significant during recovery or coping with a permanent decline in mobility. Give your partner the opportunity to communicate how they feel and take time to listen. It’s important to remember that someone’s mobility is a large component of their freedom and feeling restricted in this sense is bound to be very upsetting. Alfix was established as a family business over 2 decades ago, with a continued commitment to reliable and friendly customer service alongside our range of personalised stairlift solutions. Ideally placed in Leamington Spa and serving all surrounding areas, we take great pleasure in helping customers and their loved ones regain their independence. With a comprehensive range of home stair lifts available, including straight and custom curved designs, contact us today on 01926 334848 with any specific enquiries regarding stairlift hire or purchase.