Helping An Elderly Relative With Mobility Problems

As amazing as it is to observe the world continually changing, and witnessing the development of people around you, with age can come an assortment of problems and affect everyday life, making otherwise easy tasks become almost impossible. You may be in a position as a caregiver to an elderly individual, in which you want to help them, but don’t know how – and this is where the following blog may prove useful. We have compiled a list of helpful tips for assisting an elderly relative who suffers from mobility problems, with steps to take as varied as offering emotional support and making gradual adjustments, to investing in mobility aids and personalised Alfix stair lifts.

Read on for beneficial guidance, pointers for helping your loved one stay independent, and some reasons to explore the possibility of stairlift rental or purchase.

Remain Understanding

Living with a physical impairment or declining health can be exhausting, reducing hobbies and casual chores to stressful events. For these reasons, an elderly relative who isn’t as active as they once were may seem disheartened, down and constantly tired. Remaining understanding during times like this will be crucial for helping them recover or regain a sense of normality back into their life, and you should look to help out in any way possible, be it offering to buy their shopping for them, or spending regular time with them in the house.

Give Them Freedom To Stay Independent

In the same way that you should offer a shoulder to cry on or outlet for frustrations to be vented, you should remain open to letting them decide their own independence, as a relative may feel you are being overbearing should you become concerned in the event of an accident or diagnosis. For some, independence may mean getting dressed by themselves in the morning or lowering themselves into the bathtub, while for others this may involve going for a walk without a stick or leaving the house without a mobile scooter.

Offer Suggestions For Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are undoubtedly a fantastic option for someone who wants to retain their ability to navigate around but doesn’t feel capable of walking for longer periods. Walking frames and crutches may be an option, however for the specific task of ascending and descending staircases, a stair lift will tick the boxes. Available from our range as either new or used systems and with the possibility for our team to design for curved and narrow staircases, no property is too complex for stairlift installation. Leading brands provided by us feature everything from automatic power swivel seats, to safety sensors.

Regardless of the reasons you or a relative are struggling with household mobility, we will have a bespoke stairlift to satisfy your situation and requirements. Whether you’re recovering from a broken leg, or a loved one is experiencing the effects of arthritis, the right stairlift has the potential to regain your freedom and make navigating from floor to floor a simple task. As an independent family-run business which has been operating for over two decades, we provide advice on which of our range of modern stairlifts is the most suitable for your needs. Any questions on aftersales maintenance and stair lift rental? Contact the team on 01926 334848, we would be happy to help!