How Affordable Are Stairlifts?

As loved ones get older, it can be difficult seeing them lose mobility and struggle to navigate around the house as they once did. Many solutions to this prevalent issue can be expensive, and leave you asking, how affordable really are stairlifts? With stairlift rental options to choose from, as well as an array of designs to consider for different staircases, you would be forgiven for struggling to choose a cost-effective yet practical alternative. At Alfix we understand that everyone has different needs, so we endeavour to offer the widest selection of new stairlifts at competitive prices. With straight, curved and custom options available, browse our website and find the ideal appliance to get from A to B.

Continue reading for a summary of the affordable stairlift options to consider, and how different designs are appropriate for certain homes.

What Is A Stairlift?

In short, a stairlift is a handy appliance which is fitted alongside a staircase, allowing a user to get from the bottom of a staircase to the top (and vice versa) without worrying about their mobility. The stairlift contains a comfortable chair attached to a rail, with a system transporting the chair up the flight of stairs at the click of a button. Plenty of safety features and practical additions are included within quality stairlifts, and exist to enhance the comfort of anyone requiring the assistance of one.

Your Options

As some staircases may include landings mid-way, curved sections or bannisters and areas which aren’t completely straight, a conventional straight stairlift may not always be appropriate for your home. Luckily, the expert team at Alfix can produce curved stairlifts which suit your specific requirements to the exact measurements. Considering the dimensions of your home and structure of the stairways will give you a better idea of the stairlift prices you may encounter, and one of our helpful colleagues can help to guide you through the topic.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Just because you require an affordable and practical stairlift, you should never have to compromise on quality. We maintain a diverse collection of new stairlifts which all prioritise safety and comfort for your loved ones. Extra features from our stairlifts include padded arm rests, remote control functionality and safety sensor implementation as an avoidance measure for accidents and trips. Foldable seats also ensure that others within a property are able to seamlessly navigate stairs. Whatever your price options, we stock repurposed stairlifts at reduced prices, as well as rentable lifts with monthly pay instalments.

Specialising in slimline stairlifts for narrow hallways or cramped staircases, we can install stairlift

mobility solutions within even the most troublesome stairways. In addition we provide a number of heavy-duty stairlifts, catering for clients weighing up to 25 stone if required. When you choose to work with Alfix, you can be confident that we will have an option to meet all your needs. Contact the team today with any questions about stairlift prices or stairlift rental on 01926 334848.