How Can Stairlift Hire Benefit You After An Operation?

When you experience major surgery or any kind of operation for that matter, your body needs time to rest. Getting up and down the stairs can be hard and dangerous if you are unstable on your feet, which is where stairlifts come in handy.

Here’s how stairlift rental can support you after an operation.

Prevents excessive strain

When you’re in recovery your surgeon or doctor is likely to recommend bed rest and general relaxation as your body starts to heal. But, using the bathroom and getting to your bedroom can be a struggle when using the stairs and put unnecessary strain on your body that causes you pain. By hiring a stairlift, you don’t have to worry.

Less risk of an accident

You shouldn’t push yourself before your body has recovered properly as this can cause more harm than good – the last thing you want is to experience an accident. However, a temporary stairlift will keep you safe at home a minimise your chance of a trip or fall when using the stairs. Even a small fall could set your recovery back so get your home prepared.

Less worry for you and your family

Even though you’ve done the hardest part by having the operation, recovery can be tough so you need to feel safe and comfortable in your surroundings. A stairlift will provide the mobility support you need whether that’s for a few days, weeks or even months. Knowing that your home is adapted to your needs means one less thing to worry about and your loved ones can also have peace of mind that you have the support you need.

At Alfix, we offer convenient stairlift hire in Leamington Spa. Whether you need additional support as you recover from an operation or you have a relative staying who has mobility needs, our stairlift rental options include a short, medium, and long-term hire duration. For more information get in touch with us today.