How Can Used Stair Lifts Save Me Money?

Stairlifts are an essential within many households and make life significantly easier for those with physical impairments, disabilities or movement struggles as a result of ageing. Commonplace within many homes that span a number of floors and are connected by staircases, the typical starlift is a complex piece of machinery, though admittedly not the cheapest to install and maintain. In need of a premium stairlift but not able to afford the new components? A repurposed option is often favourable! Read on and further your knowledge of pre-owned and rental components, for a low-cost alternative.  

The Function Of Stairlifts  

Stairlifts are automated devices that make climbing and descending steps secure and simple for those with disruptive movement problems. All in all the typical stairlift mechanism is quite simple. Essentially, there are three components which are vital to ensure the smooth running of any stairlift – the motor, the battery and the gear, all working in tandem to function. It’s also worth pointing out that your stairlift is fitted to your stairs and not the wall, so there will be next to no damage to your home. This reduces the need to re-decorate when an appliance is removed. Generally the rail or track is supported and fits subtly to your stairs via special screws that will be drilled into the staircase itself. 

Are They Right For Me? 

When you choose to rent or purchase a stairlift from Alfix, you can be confident that we will have an option available to meet all of your needs. Consequently, we specialise in slimline stairlifts for narrow stairs or limited hallways, meaning that we can install stairlifts on awkward and narrow staircases within the most complex of properties. Ideal for character properties, we also have a range of heavy-duty stairlifts available which cater to clients weighing up to 25 stone. Still not convinced? All of our straight stairlifts come with remote controls, allowing you to effortlessly move the stairlift to the top or bottom of your stairs.  

Rental Options 

There are plenty of circumstances where renting a stairlift makes much more sense than purchasing and having one installed. For instance, if you need a stairlift temporarily – for a friend or family member perhaps recovering from an operation or short-term illness, a short-term stairlift installation may be worthwhile. Stairlift rental may be a more cost-effective option in a number of contexts, and prices depend on several factors, such as whether you have a straight staircase or you need a curved rail. If you want a personalised quotation, you can book a free consultation or get an online quote with ease. 

Acquiring Used  

When you’re not sure of which stairlift you need, our expert team will come to your home to fully assess your needs and offer recommendations – and in some instances, used components may be superior. We have a wide range of reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts, which ensures we have the ideal solution for your home. What’s even better is that we carry out home visits free of charge, and we visit at a time to suit you. Contrary to what you may initially think, used stairlifts are a brilliant option for your premises, often ideal for a straight stairway, and a fantastic accompaniment to any multi-storey property. 

Established as a local, family-run business more than 20 years ago, Alfix is ideally situated to provide a solution for all your stairlift requirements. Whether it is a complex, bespoke designed and manufactured curved rail stairlift serving several floors, or a simple straight stairlift installed on a rental basis, we have a vast range of systems available – so contact us today via 01926 334848!