How Can You Get Seniors Involved with Pancake Day?

Shrove Tuesday is just round the corner and you know what that means – pancakes! This year, Shrove Tuesday (or pancake day, as it’s more affectionately referred to nowadays) falls on February 13th, making now the perfect time to plan how you can get your senior relatives involved with the finger-licking festivities. 

Read on as we discuss why it’s important to include senior citizens in the celebrations and offer some ideas on how you can do just that. 

Why to Encourage Seniors to Celebrate 

Whilst many enjoy life in retirement, for others it can be a lonely and stagnant experience. From spending their life working and/or raising a family to having no commitments to fill their day, many seniors find this a difficult transition to get used to. 

As such, finding ways to include, engage and socialise with them is incredibly important. Days of celebration are the perfect way to do just that, with pancake day being an opportune example. 

Not only will they enjoy the social and delicious aspects of the day, but it can serve as a reminder of fond memories for them of growing up, when they likely would’ve enjoyed pancakes on this day with their own family – the tradition has been around since the 16th century, afterall! 

Celebration Ideas 

Connect Youngsters with Elders 

Pancake day serves as the perfect opportunity to connect generations both old and new. Take inspiration from The Netherlands, where there is a tradition of schools connecting with care homes and having students cook pancakes for the elderly, with the idea that they deserve to be in the spotlight every now and then. 

Consider suggesting this to local schools and care homes in your local community, or perhaps have your children do this for their grandparents. Doing this is great for children, too, as it encourages them to develop their cooking skills whilst enjoying the delicious results of their efforts. 

Hold a Family Gathering 

Family gatherings don’t need to be limited to Christmas. Enjoying the ‘flipping’ fun and tasty aftermath is guaranteed to be a bonding experience filled with laughter and joy. On top of that, it gives you and your family a chance to spend time with your elderly relatives when you may not often have the opportunity to do so. 

Cater to their Needs 

Don’t let senior individual’s health limitations stop them from enjoying the delight of pancake day. There are various ways you can cater to their needs. For example, if they have certain dietary requirements due to high cholesterol levels, diabetes or other issues, you can find an alternative, healthier recipe rather than traditional pancakes, such as banana pancakes (which are just as delicious!). 

Similarly, if they have mobility issues and are more comfortable in their own home environment due to having access to their home stairlift and other aids, then bring pancake day to them; offer to come over and cook pancakes for them whilst they sit back, relax and enjoy your company. 

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