How to Adapt Your Home Following an Operation

If you’ve got an operation coming up that is likely to affect your mobility, it might be a good idea to consider what your requirements will be during recovery and how you will cater to them. Taking a little time to plan ahead can make the recovery process much smoother and easier for all involved, but most of all yourself.

It’s important that your home is as comfortable and as accessible as possible when you return from your procedure, whether you do it yourself beforehand or ask friends and family to make some changes while you’re in hospital. Here are a few things you can do to adapt your home to your new needs during recovery.

Prepare a recovery area

Due to mobility limitations, you will probably do a lot of sitting for a few weeks after your surgery. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare a specific recovery area in your living room or another suitable room.

Make sure you’ve got a sturdy chair to relax in; it should be high enough that you can easily sit down in and get up from it, and it should also have arms and a solid back to minimise the risk of a fall.

We recommend either sitting in a recliner or placing a footstool in front of your chair, so that you can elevate your legs and sit comfortably while you recover.

You should also place some essential items within arm’s reach, in case you need them quickly. These might include your glasses, a phone, your TV remote, books, medications, snacks and plenty of water.

Make your bathroom accessible

Bathrooms can be dangerous places for those with limited mobility, whether that’s due to slipping on wet floors or having to sit down into or onto low surfaces like bathtubs and toilets.

We recommend raising your toilet seat, if you can – there are clip-on raised toilet seats available online or in stores that are perfect for situations that require short-term solutions.

Installing grab rails in the bath and shower and next to the toilet is also a good idea. These allow you to move yourself around easily and comfortably without becoming unsteady or falling over and compromising your recovery.

Rent a stairlift

Some people decide to move their bed downstairs while they recover from surgery, to minimise the need for strenuous activity and excessive movement. If this isn’t an option, consider installing a stairlift. This will help you move around your house freely but without putting pressure on your healing body and risking a fall.

Stairlift rental is ideal for short-term mobility limitations after an accident or operation, as it removes the need to buy a permanent stairlift unnecessarily but also provides the safety and accessibility you need while you recover. It can also help you retain a level of independence during what can be a mentally straining time for many people. Alfix Stairlifts provides high-quality stairlifts throughout the Midlands. Whether you’re in need of a temporary stairlift in Coventry or are looking to rent a stairlift in Kidderminster, we’ll have something to suit your needs. Our experienced team is committed to making your home as comfortable and as accessible as possible. For more information, call 01926 334848 or visit our website today.