How to Be an Effectual Advocate for Ageing Relatives

Life can become incredibly stressful and discouraging for people who have trouble seeing, communicating or travelling – especially when the circumstances are unfamiliar to them. As such, an advocate can provide valuable assistance by helping their loved one make an informed choice based on their values, communicating that choice to professional bodies and doing the practical tasks necessary to ensure that choice is actioned.  

Whether you’re helping an elderly parent, grandparent or other family member, here are some ways that you can be an effective advocate for an ageing loved one. 

Maintain Open & Honest Communication 

The foundation of effective advocacy rests upon open communication. You should make it a priority to routinely check in with your loved one to understand their concerns, preferences and any challenges they might be facing. Encourage them to express their feelings around ageing and the physical and mental changes they might be experiencing. A candid conversation can provide you with valuable insights into their needs moving forward. 

Stay Informed 

Understanding your loved one’s healthcare plan is also incredibly important. You should keep track of medical appointments, medications and any other prescribed treatments. Make sure to also have an open line of communication with their healthcare providers so they can keep you informed with any changes or developments in their health status. Being equipped with this knowledge allows you to make more informed decisions regarding your loved one’s care.  

Create a Support Network 

Being an advocate doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to navigate this journey alone. You can create a support network of family members, friends or neighbours to help share responsibilities, discuss concerns and collaborate on problem-solving. A collective effort not only lightens the load, but also allows for a more holistic approach towards your loved one’s health and wellbeing. 

Plan Ahead 

As your ageing relative’s needs evolve, so too might their living arrangements. It’s a good idea to discuss future options before the circumstances arise, such as installing accessibility equipment like a stairlift, opting for assisted living or moving to a care home. Planning ahead makes for a smoother transition when the time comes, and also guarantees that your loved one’s preferences are taken into account.  

Prioritise Mental Health 

Advocacy extends far beyond physical wellbeing; the mental health of your loved one is just as important. Isolation and loneliness is rampant amongst seniors, so encouraging participation in social activities, joining community programs or companionship services are all great ways to keep your loved one’s brain active and improve their mental wellbeing.  

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