How to Clean Your Stairlift

Stairlifts are a great addition to your home to help improve your mobility around the house and increase safety. But just like many other pieces of equipment or furniture in your home, you’ll need to keep it clean. As a mechanical piece of equipment, in order to make it last longer, you’ll need to make sure it’s well maintained to ensure the longevity of your stairlift.

Here’s how to clean your stairlift:


You are probably not sure how often to clean your stairlift as it’s not something you’ll have had in your home before. It’s worthwhile adding your stairlift to your usual cleaning schedule and cleaning it every time you clean everything else in your house. Whether this is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you can choose how often you would like to give it a clean. Bear in mind that cleaning your stairlift is the easiest way to maintain it, so it’s worthwhile doing it as often as you can.

How do I clean my stairlift?

You don’t need to use a range of extravagant cleaning products on your stairlift, in fact, it’s better to keep it simple. As it uses electricity, it’s important not to use too much water on your stairlift, so opt for a damp cloth to wipe the stairlift track and seat. You can add a mild soap if you wish, but don’t mix this with too much water.

How to clean the rail

Stairlifts attract plenty of dust and are an awkward shape, making them difficult to clean. You may find dust bunnies and hair accumulating which can cause a malfunction in the system if it gets caught up in your stairlift. You can use a slightly damp cloth along the rail to pick up any dust. You won’t need to lubricate the rail or any parts as this is done during your service by an engineer. Sprays, bleach or other abrasive chemicals can cause severe damage to your stairlift, so avoid using them.

How to clean around the stairlift

While you vacuum the rest of the house, it’s important to vacuum around your stairlift to ensure there is no dust or hair transfer to the lift. It can be difficult to carry the vacuum up and down your stairs so don’t u your safety at risk if your mobility is low. If you are unable to do this yourself, it may be worth asking somebody to help or paying for a cleaning service to ensure your stairlift area can stay clean and tidy.

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