How to Incorporate Your Stairlift Into Your Home Decor

For many of us, our homes are an expression of who we are. People will put substantial time and effort into decorating their house in order to make it look exactly how they want it, because they feel it reflects their personality for both themselves and for guests to see. And so, when it comes to installing a stairlift, homeowners are often sceptical because they believe it’ll deter from their home’s aesthetic appeal. After all, stairlifts are rather large contraptions, making it difficult to not notice them. However, owning a stairlift and maintaining the interior design of your home aren’t mutually exclusive; it’s possible to integrate your stairlift into your chosen decor. Without further ado, here are some tips for decorating around your stairlift.

1.   Use Colour

One of the first things that people will notice about your stairlift is its colour, which can sometimes starkly contrast with the colour of your walls or staircase. In light of this, try to pick your stairlift colour around the colour scheme that’s already in your home, or even decorate your home to match the lift. This can be tough if the lift is bright white, but in cases such as these, you can utilise complimentary colours like medium blues or a deep burgundy. This way, your stairlif’s colour stands out, but in a way that looks coordinated.

2.   Decoration Distraction

In the area surrounding your stairlift, consider opting for a busier design to detract from the stairlift itself. This might mean hanging portraits along the wall next to the staircase, adding houseplants on alternating steps or incorporating different decorative items to distract wandering eyes.

3.   Show It Off

Although this might seem counterintuitive, sometimes the most effective way to incorporate your stairlift into your home decor is to make it a part of your interior design – perhaps even making it a centrepiece. Let’s face it: a stairlift that is clearly displayed curving around a plain wooden staircase and glass side barriers is more appealing than one that is trying hard to be hidden, but still ends up being pretty obvious.

 Looking For Bespoke Stairlifts in Milton Keynes?

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