How to Know Whether or Not You Need a Stairlift

Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind or someone has mentioned to you that installing a stairlift could be beneficial to your mobility and independence. It can be challenging to know when it’s the right time to install a stairlift as you may want to avoid taking that step for as long as possible. However, it’s often better to install a stairlift before you think you need one as it can better prepare you for any loss in mobility you may suffer.

Here’s how to know if you need one.

How can a stairlift help me?

As you get older, you may find typical daily tasks become more challenging and climbing the stairs can put more pressure on joints and muscle groups – which can become incredibly painful. Rather than suffering, you can add home improvements that make your life much easier. Stairlifts are one adaptation that can reduce the pressure on your joints and muscles by aiding you up the stairs. There’s nothing worse than not being able to easily navigate your own home, which is where stairlifts come in.

Movement test

There are healthcare professionals that will be helpful to talk to and they can assess whether a stairlift is the best option for you. Speak to your doctor and they may even refer you to an occupational therapist. They will be equipped with the experience required to determine the extent to which your movement ability has been reduced by ageing or a medical condition. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, a stairlift can ease the pressure when moving around the home.

Your doctor or occupational therapist will test your mobility with the ‘Timed Up and Go test’. This involves monitoring the time it takes to get up from a chair, walk a distance of three metres, return to the chair and sit back down. If the entire test takes you less than 10 seconds to complete, it suggests you have a normal degree of mobility. Anything between 11-20 seconds suggests you struggle with movement and could benefit from a stairlift. 20 seconds or more indicates you may need help with movement from a carer. In those that take longer than 14 seconds, falls are much more likely to occur and could be the cause of a harmful accident. In order to avoid these, stairlifts are greatly beneficial.

Choosing a stairlift

If a healthcare professional has recommended for you to get a stairlift, you can speak to a stairlift company who will give you help finding the right product for you. You should consider if you would like to travel in a seated position and whether it is painful to move your hands or wrists. They will also need to know if you have a curved staircase or multiple floors.

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