How To Make Your Cheltenham Home More Disability-Friendly 

Making a domestic space more accessible and usable for those with disabilities is an absolute essential in 2023 and beyond, with everything from ramps, adjusted entrance systems and room-specific additions. Immediately making your home a more suitable space for those with physical impairments, this may be an even more suitable option if a relative, partner or friend of yours is suffering from a disability or impairment, and will be spending a lot of time at your premises. Not sure where to start? Alfix are local leaders when it comes to all things accessibility – so read ahead and discover your new premium stairlift. 

Height Matters 

Making your home wheelchair accessible and more convenient for those without the mobility to otherwise move around unaided doesn’t have to involve building a new home from scratch. Sometimes it’s possible to make adaptations to your current home in order to make it easier to manoeuvre around in a wheelchair and promote independent living. A height-adjustable or lowered worktop, cooker and sink in the kitchen is a great place to start, allowing those without the means of reaching shelves and heightened spots the freedom and autonomy to reach items and cook as desired.  

Functional Stairlifts 

When you choose to rent or purchase a stairlift from Alfix, you can be confident that we have an option available to meet all your needs, regardless of property. Moreover, we even specialise in slimline stairlifts and narrow stairs for limited hallways, meaning that we can install stairlifts on awkward and narrow staircases. In Cheltenham, we also have a range of heavy-duty stairlifts available which cater to clients weighing up to 25 stone if required. Struggling to make it up to the upstairs bathroom? Or have a friend or partner who struggles? This could be the ideal way forward.  

Ramp Access And Conversions   

If you have mobility issues, access ramps can make a big difference to your everyday comfort and ability to get in and out of your home safely, easily and independently. Removing and replacing the steps to your front or back door, or even away from your gate or driveway can make a world of difference. Although not necessarily adding more space to your home, the feeling of additional space can even be achieved through clever designs and the thoughtful use of storage space. Improve the value of your home and make it more accessible all with one design decision.  

Bathroom Additions  

Creating an accessible bathroom shouldn’t be a challenge, and with a significant population of disabled and elderly people, accessibility is serious business in Cheltenham. Many of us need to take accessibility into account when updating our bathrooms due to elderly relatives or partners, so whether you are moving into a new home, or want to update your current bathroom, you’ll find some of the easiest changes can often be the most effective. When designing a disability-friendly bathroom, grab rails can be fitted where necessary for an easier transfer, while anti-slip mats are desirable.  

Move around your property with ease when you take advantage of the stairlift design and installation solutions provided by Alfix. With a comprehensive range of stairlifts available, including straight and slimline, we are guaranteed to have an option suitable for you and your circumstances. Contact us today via 01926 334848 for further information.