How to Make Your Home Recovery Ready

Whether you’re having planned surgery, medical treatment or testing, one of the most important parts of the process if your recovery. Rest and recuperation will help your body heal so it’s important that your home is set up for recovery so your transition is smooth.

So, how can you make your home recovery ready? Read on for all you need to know.

Install a stairlift to prevent overexertion

Depending on the type of treatment or surgery you’ve had, walking may be difficult and painful which means using the stairs is a big hurdle. If you need to move between floors to go to bed or use the bathroom, installing a stairlift can make this easier and prevent you from moving around too much before you are ready. Stairlift rental is a great temporary measure so your body will not be put under unnecessary pressure, plus if you live independently you haven’t got to worry about having round the clock help.

Clear any potential hazards

After an operative or invasive treatment, you may not be as steady on your feet. Removing any hazards beforehand will make your home a lot safer so your recovery is not interrupted by slips, trips and falls. Keep loose wires tucked away, remove rugs, and make sure all walkways are clear.

Stock up your cupboards

Make sure your cupboards are stocked with everything you need to aid your recovery. Fresh fruit and vegetables, any medication you may need, bottled water and pre-cooked meals are all useful. You should also keep these in a place that’s easy to reach so you aren’t stretching or reaching too much.

At Alfix, as well as installing stairlifts for long-term use, we also offer stairlift rental across Leamington Spa. Tailoring all stairlift solutions to your requirements, we work closely with you from the initial consultation through to installing your modern stairlift to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible throughout the process. Contact us today for more information.