How to Make Your Home’s Staircase Safer and Easier to Use

We’re taught from a young age that we must be careful when climbing up and down the stairs, and this is something we need to bear in mind throughout life. This is especially true as we become older or develop mobility issues. We often need to use the stairs multiple times a day and it can be dangerous if there are obstructions in the way or anything else that might make it difficult to use them safely. Luckily, there are many ways to make your home’s staircase safer and easier to use.

Remove obstructions from the stairs

When you’re tidying the house, it can be tempting to store items and belongings on the stairs until you’re ready to take them upstairs in one go. However, this can pose a threat to people climbing up and down the steps, particularly those who need to use a walking frame or handrail. Make sure you clear the stairs regularly to remove obstructions and use a basket to store items instead.

Use non-decorative stair rods

Carpeted stairs look stylish and can help to reduce the noise pollution from your property’s foot traffic, however, they can also be a tripping hazard if they aren’t secured properly. Using stair rods to keep your carpet tucked securely into place can help to avoid loose patches and prevent slips and trips – but don’t forget to use non-decorative stair rods. There are lots of different stair rod designs to choose from but some of the more intricate models could become a tripping hazard.

Fit a second handrail

Many staircases already have bannisters but it pays to install a second handrail for extra stability. Fitting a handrail to your wall allows you and your guests to grip two rails as you climb up and down the stairs – something which could be extremely helpful for people with mobility issues. It’s worth noting that if your staircase is particularly old, its original bannister may not be very stable. Fitting a second handrail is a simple yet effective way to make your stairway safer and easier to use without replacing the whole structure.

Install a stairlift

The most effective way to make your staircase safer and easier to use is to install a stairlift. This is especially true if you or someone you live with uses a wheelchair or has mobility issues which make it difficult to climb stairs safely. Fitting a stairlift can ensure that you have the independence to move between the storeys in your home when you need to, while also preventing stair-related accidents, including slips and trips. They also make it much quicker and more convenient to go up and down the stairs, and for people who use wheelchairs, this can be truly lifechanging.

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