How to Prevent Avoidable Stairlift Accidents

Having a stairlift installed is a great way of making your home safer and more accessible, but if you’ve never used a stairlift before you may be a little worried about using one. However, with the correct use and proper maintenance, stairlifts can be used problem-free on a daily basis.

Here’s how to prevent avoidable stairlift accidents.

Keep the area clear

The area surrounding your stairlift should always be kept clear of any personal items, clothing or additional wires. Failure to do this makes it easier for things to get caught which could result in the stairlift getting stuck midway through the journey or hurting yourself. You should also check that the staircase is obstacle-free.

Always use the stairlift safely

Stairlifts have seatbelts for a reason so it’s essential that you use them! Although stairlifts travel slowly and at a comfortable pace, wearing your safety belt will keep you propped up and ensure that you do not become unbalanced or fall out. Additionally, don’t allow small children to play on the stairlift.

Get repairs fixed quickly

If you notice a change in the way your stairlift is performing then this is a clear sign that something is wrong. In this case, you must refer to the user manual to troubleshoot the issue or call a professional engineer who can take a look and get it resolved – this will ensure that possible accidents are minimised.

Fold away the stairlift when not in use

If you only use your stairlift occasionally then you must fold it away when it’s not in use. Stairlifts have a foldable seat that allows the chair to sit flush against the wall, therefore, allowing stair users to safely move up and down without tripping over.

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