How to Suggest to a Relative That They May Need a Stairlift

Watching a relative age is a bittersweet experience; on one hand, you are grateful that they are still prospering in their old age and able to impart their wisdom and life experience upon you, on the other, it can be difficult to see them become less mobile and deal with any ailments that are a natural result of getting older. With their best interest at heart, you may think it is a good idea for them to install a stairlift in the home, as it will make their day-to-day life easier and much more comfortable.

But how do you bring up this suggestion in conversation, without insulting their pride? Here are some tips to help you out.

Do Your Research

First of all, you should do your research on stairlifts before approaching your relative with the idea. By doing your research, you can identify whether or not your relative actually does need a stairlift, or if you are being prematurely cautious.

You will also be able to collate a list of benefits that stairlifts offer, having this list ready when you approach your relative to aid in your persuasion. This also makes it easier to highlight stairlifts in a positive light that help to enable independence and offer comfort, rather than presenting them as a solution that highlights your relative as having inabilities.

In addition to this, you will also be able to note examples of different stairlifts that may be most appropriate for your relative and their house in particular. For example, could they benefit from a straight stairlift with a swivel chair to face the landing, or would they need a curved stairlift for their stairs?

Express Your Concerns

When initiating the conversation, it is important to approach the topic in a way that is not accusatory or hostile. As frustrated as you may feel if they refuse the idea despite the obvious benefits, imagine how frustrated they must be at having to experience increasingly limited mobility. Many people grow fiercely independent in their old age and find this hard to accept.

Reassure them that you know they are capable and that installing and using a stairlift is nothing to be ashamed of, but that your concern is for their comfort and wellbeing. Make them aware that you are worried for them because you care and you want their life to be as easy and risk free as possible, which they deserve – especially throughout their retirement.

Offer Recommendations

By doing your initial research, you should be able to come up with a list of different stairlifts that you think would work well for them. By having a few options that you believe to be feasible for their stairs, needs and budget, you have taken this initial step on their behalf where they perhaps would not due to a lack of enthusiasm. However, they are still left feeling like they’re retaining their independence by being able to make the autonomous decision on which stairlift they end up choosing to install.

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