How To Support An Elderly Relative After A Fall

Finding out your elderly relative has had a fall is troubling for any person to hear, no matter if the relative is 60 or 90. As people age, we face a natural decrease in muscle mass and bone strength, which means a fall can have serious consequences and require careful recovery and rehabilitation during the period immediately following it.

Here are some tips to help you support an elderly relative after they have suffered a fall.

Regular Visits

While you may already visit your relative frequently before their fall, the period after a fall can often be a lonely time for an individual. They may go from a social butterfly to somebody who has to stay inside most if not all of the day while they recover. Make sure you set aside more time to visit your relative or try to arrange for different people to visit regularly so they are never feeling alone.

Consider A Move or Hiring Help

While some people are able to remain self-sufficient after a fall, it can be hard for some people to get back to how life used to be. In these cases, taking extra steps to support them after the fall is essential. One idea is to temporarily move them into a home where support will be on hand to help them recover from the injury. Alternatively hiring a nurse or support worker allows them to get the help they need but remain in their comfortable and familiar home.

Make Helpful Changes To Their Home

When recovering from a fall, everybody can face issues with how accessible their house is. Navigating the stairs may seem a much trickier task than before, or uneven surfaces might lead to difficulty getting a wheelchair or crutches about. You should try to make some helpful changes to your relative’s home to make it easy on them, such as renting a stairlift to help them recover.

Stairlift Rental In Gloucester & Across The Country

Many who suffer a fall require a stairlift for a period of time while they get back on their feet and can walk around unassisted properly. Stairlift rental is a great solution for those in this position, having a stairlift installed in their home to help them get around for as long as they need.

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