Inclusive Accessibility: Who Can Benefit from a Stairlift? 

Stairlifts are an ingenious invention that convenience a large variety of the population, making it easier to navigate the different levels within their home whilst maintaining their independence. Whilst stairlifts are most commonly associated with people of a certain age, it isn’t only old people who can benefit from them. 

Read on as we discuss the different individuals who may benefit from a stairlift installation in their home as well as the elderly generation and learn whether a stairlift would be a viable solution for you. 

Elderly People 

When you think of a stairlift, it’s likely that your first thought goes to an elderly person’s home. You’re not wrong to think this, as stairlifts are incredibly useful for people in their older years. As you get older, you’re much more likely to experience increased mobility issues and joint pain, which can make walking up and down the stairs both tricky and painful. 

Stairlifts offer a convenient solution that also allows you to keep both your independence and your home should you not wish to relocate to a care home or downsize to a bungalow in your later years. 

Individuals with Reduced Mobility 

Older people aren’t the only ones who may suffer with mobility issues. It could be that you suffer from a physical disability that means you have limited mobility and may find it burdensome or difficult to walk up and down the stairs, in which case a stairlift would be just as useful to you. 

It may also be that you don’t necessarily struggle with your mobility, but suffer from a disorder that makes it less safe to use the stairs, such as a serious heart condition or postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) and would be at risk of fainting or falling whilst on the stairs. Most stairlifts come with a seatbelt and other safety features to allow you to instead safely navigate the stairs. 

Postoperative Recovery Patients 

If you recently underwent an operation or have one scheduled, then using the stairs may be difficult for you after this depending on what your procedure involves. For example, operations involving the legs or torso can make it painful to walk up and down stairs and may also put you at risk of tearing any stitches. 

A stairlift reduces this risk and allows you to access all the areas of your home as you usually would, which is especially useful if you won’t have a family member at home throughout the day to assist you with basic tasks during your recovery. 

Of course, you may only need a stairlift temporarily, but there are rental options available so that you won’t need to cover the cost of buying one outright. 

Affordable Stairlifts in Luton 

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