Is Living Independently Still a Safe Option? Top Things to Consider

As a homeowner, being able to remain living independently is very important. However, if your mobility is slowly reclining or other health problems are changing your ability to care for yourself it may be time to reconsider your options or make practical changes to improve your safety.

Here are some important things to think about if you want to continue living independently.

Can you move up and down the stairs?

The stairs can be a tricky area of the home to navigate if you’re unsteady on your feet. Of course, downsizing your home is one option to consider, however, installing a stairlift is a great affordable solution too. If you’re struggling to manage the stairs then don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Do you have a history of accidents?

Regular trips, falls and accidents can be very dangerous for vulnerable people. If you have a history of these types of incidents or they’re happening more frequently then you may need to make changes around the home to improve safety and continue living independently. A risk assessment is a great way to determine how safe the environment is in your current condition.

Are you able to care for yourself?

Take a good look at the quality of your life or that or your loved one. Can they wash themselves? Can they take care of their home? Do they need help moving around? It’s normal to need extra support as you get older, however, if you are unable to do basic tasks then you should consider mobility assistance, home help and more.

Do you have a condition that will deteriorate?

If you’re starting to see or experience the symptoms of a condition then you’ll need to think about the long-term plan as well as the short-term. It’s very likely that your condition will deteriorate so it’s best to think about the future and ensure that you can still live independently in the next few months and years.

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