Is My Staircase Too Complex For A Stairlift?

When mobility issues start to creep in for you or a loved one, it may be time to invest in a stairlift. Being unable to access the upper floors of your home without experiencing pain can be frustrating, but stairlifts are a proven method of getting from point A to B without aggravating injuries or proving to be painful. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a stairlift for yourself or for a cherished family member, it is important to consider if their staircase will be able to accommodate one. At Alfix we pride ourselves on affordable, practical and efficient bespoke stairlift designs for a range of staircases. Curved staircase which winds around a pillar? No problem. Steep surface with a landing in between stairs? We have you covered.

Continue on to discover the intricacies of stairlifts, and why no staircase is too troublesome for our team of expert fitters and installers.

Stairlifts Outlined

The purpose of a stairlift is to assist individuals with mobility issues, constituting a safe mechanical lifting device which can lift them up and down staircases. Most often used indoors for the interior of a home, there are exterior versions available for fitting. Increasingly common within homes as they become more cost-effective, practical and convenient, the most common type of stairlift involves a straight rail that runs up the side of a staircase, meaning that others can easily navigate the stairs without using the lift when required.

Curved And Straight Staircases

The key difference between curved and straight staircases is the way in which they accommodate a stairlift. A staircase with bends, curves or a landing will need a curved stairlift rail, and these can be custom-made to the exact dimensions of your home. The rail for a traditional straight stairlift only needs to be cut down to fit your flight of stairs, so they are often quick to produce.and cheaper than their curved counterpart. Though curved stairlifts are often more expensive, they need to be made to fit exact measurements, meaning that they are unique to your home.

Selecting The Correct Solution

The correct solution for your home will be the stairlift which best corresponds with your staircase set-up, providing a seat of the required quality, material and weight allowance. Stairlifts from Alfix can be acquired completely new and unused, reconditioned, or organise stairlift rental if the mobility issue is only expected to be temporary. We can account for any budget, with the very best in innovative stairlift solutions available, minus the excessive cost. Folding stairlifts are provided, as well as heavy-duty lifts which can cater to clients weighing up to 25 stone. With many years of experience helping customers with their mobility in the home, we can recommend, supply and install stairlifts to suit your individual needs. Whether you need a system for narrow stairs, a custom system for difficult winding staircases or a simple straight line system, we can help. Having been established over 20 years ago, we are perfectly placed to provide your stairlift requirements, with no task too big or small. Contact us today on 01926 334848 for further advice on stairlift rental, and guidance from our friendly team.