Is My Staircase Too Complicated For Stairlift Installation?

Stairlifts are an ideal solution if you’re struggling to walk, or if a loved one’s general mobility around the house is starting to decline. Though you may expect stairlift purchase and installation to be a costly and complicated affair, there are actually plenty of options to suit your financial situation, with bespoke stairlift designs efficiently installed by experts. Even if you have a complicated staircase design which includes a spiral stairway, large disconnected landing areas, or a narrow hall, let a trusted stairlift company like Alfix take you through your options. Our comprehensive range is ideal for when you would like to help a loved one regain their independence and improve their quality of life, making trips between the floors of their home a seamless process.
Continue reading for an extensive background on the advantages of residential stairlifts, and browse our website for specific products and services.
Why To Invest In A Stairlift
As well as being one of the safest ways to assist an individual with navigating staircases, stairlifts can be hired for temporary injuries as well as recovery periods from operations. Functioning via remote control, the user is securely fastened to a chair, with a comprehensive mechanism transporting them up or down their staircase, including plenty of features in place to prevent injuries or accidents such as safety sensors and durable tracks. Always installed by knowledgeable stairlift specialists, you can rest assured that servicing or first-time installation will be completed by a member of our team possessing years of experience.
Curved And Straight Designs
Your staircase will never be too complicated for staircase installation, as we offer both straight and bespoke curved stairlift options from our Leamington Spa base. Constructing a unique stairlift design to your exact staircase measurements, we are well-known for our quick turnaround times, meaning that your custom stair mobility aid will be ready in a timely fashion. Traditional straight staircases won’t require a thorough design process, and can be installed almost immediately, arranged whenever it is convenient for you.
Efficient Professional Installation
Established as a local, family-run business more than 20 years ago, we continue to value friendly customer service during stairlift installation. Whether we’re setting up a stairlift in a house with multiple occupants who require a folding hinge track for navigation of the staircase on foot, or swivel seat stairlifts which allow for easy access, the set-up will be quick and informative. Our installation experts can help you to learn about the functionality of your stairlift, including the various remote-control actions, important safety features and more.
At Alfix, we understand that each customer’s situation is different, so if you choose a stairlift from us to outright purchase or rent, it will be completely suited to your individual needs. Take advantage of our free consultations, independent advice, survey installation and aftersales support, with a member of the team always available to help you out. Based in Warwickshire, and serving the surrounding areas, we’re committed to providing stairlift solutions that give you and your loved one’s independence – so contact your friendly local stairlift company on 01926 334848.