Looking After A Loved One As They Move Into Later Life

If you or a close loved one is going through a difficult time as they are moving into later life, this is a totally normal response. As an outsider, you can help them ease into this stage of life and help to give them hope during this period.

There are multiple factors that could be getting your friend or family member down. Keep reading to find some of our tips that you can try to help their mental health.

What Might Be Getting Them Down?

Things such as:

  • Impaired mobility
  • Lack Of Independence
  • Medications
  • Depression
  • Falls & Injuries

Might be getting your loved one down. As your body grows older, your bones tend to shrink, making them weaker and more susceptible to injury, a loss of strength and you may lose a lot of mobility. Being on lots of medications, and having a carer can make older people feel like they have little control over their life, causing low moods and potentially depression.

Ageing can be a hard process to come to terms with, and these are just a few factors that could be contributing to poor mental health in older people.

Ways To Help

So, what can you do? There are a few small things you can do for your loved one that might lift their spirits:

  • Socialise with them – Human interaction and socialising is sure to boost their mood and make them feel cared about.
  • Insomnia – An inability to sleep is a common side effect of poor mental health, finding ways to help your loved one sleep could go a long way.
  • Diet – Ensuring that they are eating, and a balanced diet too is a good way of helping a loved one to take care of their body, which is crucial as they move into later life.
  • Social care – Sometimes, families opt for social care to provide company for their loved one and to take care of small errands to support an older person.

If impaired mobility and a loss of strength is impacting you or a loved one severely, it might be time to think about getting a stair lift installed in your home.

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